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Forensic Accountants

Morris Wheeler Churchill has extensive experience in conducting forensic accountancy investigations. We can provide expert reports, witness evidence and advice all with the aim of achieving an outcome that is best for you. Our staff have years of knowledge and practical experience to analyse, report and provide you with the answers that you seek. Each assignment is particular to the individual client and we understand that your requirements require us to tailor our methods to your needs.

In particular, we can assist in the following areas:

  • Commercial tasks such as valuations of businesses in commercial disputes; assist in matters of bankruptcy; provide expert witness reports in commercial and non-commercial litigation; and assist in cases where directors may face disqualification in relation to businesses in liquidation.
  • We can assist those engaged in divorce settlements. This may involve examination and testing of disclosures by opposing parties, to ensure that the distribution of marital assets is fair. To achieve this, we will carry out financial investigations and valuations where necessary to ensure our clients are being treated fairly.
  • We can carry out valuations of commercial enterprises; divorce settlements; compensation claims; business losses where fraud has been discovered; and asset valuations where bankruptcy is involved.
  • Where our clients have been the victims of fraud our forensic skills can provide the following: asset tracing; discovery of accounting irregularities and the quantum of fraud that our client is the victim of; and we can also assist in cases where insurance fraud or frauds by employees have occurred.
  • Where clients have been caught by the provisions of The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA). We can assist our clients if they have had their cash or assets restrained with a view to restoring the assets or cash to their control. In some cases, the work we have carried out on behalf of our clients has prevented prosecution and where HMRC has been involved has led to investigations under civil guidelines rather than criminal ones.

If you are considering engaging a forensic accountant to calculate the hidden/undeclared income or assets, then please call Morris Wheeler Churchill on 01279 464400 for a confidential appointment.


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